Have too many things on your plate?

How often does this happen to you?

You come across a course that pics your interest and before you know it, you've signed up for it.
AND before you can complete the course, you have added a few more. WHY? Because it felt right and it is to fulfil a goal of yours.

Whatever it may be, finish reading a book, or signing up to a 'how to make a macaron' course, or preparing for a marathon, you know have too many things on your plate!!

After taking the course, you'll have clarity on what needs to be done first. Cross out all on your list. But first, we need to determine your emotions behind these task so that your learning can be applied in future similar situations.

The course is short, easy to follow to gain some peace of mind. If you are in a transformational journey, then you need to clear out your mind and whatever may be holding you back to move forward. This workshop is for you.

For ONLY USD $27, you will get:

5 short learning modules

5 downloadable and fillable worksheet to go along with the course

A peace of mind after completion of the course

Don't wait, sign up below to get started!

Think of this as the initial small investment towards your transformational journey.